य्क९२ FACTOR

We really are doomed; every manoeuvre being taken by our politicians is for selfish reasons’ many of these leaders have never stopped for a moment to think about us Kenyans. Now Ruto is going to use the Riftvalley voting block to bargain with ODMers for the presidency, he of YK92 anarchy and his fellow KANU frontmen have a mucky background and caused Kenya’s so much pain, if they were in the USA they would be sitting on death row awaiting the electric execution.Nicolas Biwott has called for a KANU unity both old and new. A while a go, I wrote that old KANU would form the next government through the back door and some one said my head needed checking. The KANU gameplan is beginning to unfold. Watch this space!Kenyans we need a clean start, a new breed of politicians perhaps we need to purge out all these manic power hungry people. We could set an emergency one off age limit for those vying for parliamentary seats to something like 50 years so that other new leaders can emerge, we just can’t keep on recycling the same old lot they are up to no good.

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