Finance Minister, Amos Kimunya’s made an excellent presentation of Vision 2030 to Kenyans in US urging them to be apart of a new Kenya.
The minister was hailed for his eloquent articulation of the government’s policy on economic recovery and existing investment opportunities.
He said the Kibaki government plans to make Kenya a middle-income nation by the year 2030, with a sustained GDP growth of 10 per cent। Many Kenyans who attended the meeting were very suprised when they heard and saw the stature of Hon Kimunya coupled with his delivery
"This is achievable through investments in key sectors including tourism, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, agriculture and agro-based industries, business process outsourcing and financial services."
Kenyans turned up in large numbers most keen on investing back home.
Leading scholars Prof Eric Masinde Aseka and Prof Paul Tiyambe Zeleza presented papers while Kennesaw State University students presented an emotional play entitled, You Always Go Home.
In an effort to counter accusations from opposition leaders that the Kibaki government broke promises, Kimunya declared, "Where we are going is what matters not where we are coming from. We need to focus on the big windscreen in front of us and not the rear view mirror."
Those accompanying the minister include Kenyan Ambassador to US Mr Peter Ogego, Nairobi Stock Exchange Chairman Mr Jimnah Mbaru, Chairman of Kenya Private Sector Alliance Mr Lee Karuri and the Managing Director of Kenya Investment Authority Ms Susan Kikwai.
Also in the entourage are Dr Achieng Ong’ong’a of Kenya Tourism Board, PS ministry of Planning Dr Edward Sambili, PS ministry of Information and Communication Dr Bitange Ndemo and Investment Secretary, Esther Koimett.

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